Ohio, US

David Patton, J.D.

  • Owner at The Patton Law Firm, LLC
  • Chief Legal Officer at Mavuno Ltd
  • Founding Partner at Verde Compliance Partners
  • Board of Director at ACT Laboratories Inc
  • Board of Advisor at Coral Cove Wellness Resort

About David

Since 2016, Dave’s law practice has been dedicated to the cannabis and hemp industries. Prior to that, he did appellate litigation and administrative law (i.e., regulatory law, government relations). He also defended Big Tobacco for a few years.

In 2013, Dave’s son, P.J., was diagnosed with epilepsy. P.J. didn’t respond to medications and was not a candidate for surgery. During that first year, P.J. had over 500 seizures. P.J.’s neurologist thought that he was going to die. In the midst of this ordeal, Dave discovered cannabidiol (CBD). So, Dave came to the cannabis industry as a pro-medical marijuana advocate. This advocacy has remained a core value of his law practice and entrepreneurship. He also litigated perhaps the first medical marijuana case in Ohio history. See State v. Hutchings, 2014-Ohio-4675 (Ohio Court of Appeals (8th Dist.) 2014).

Dave is currently involved in (i) a multinational cannabis cultivation, processing, and export company, (ii) a multi-state cannabis purity and potency testing laboratory, (iii) a cannabis health and wellness retreat and medical research facility located in Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica, and (iv) a regulatory compliance consulting service focused on U.S. federal cannabis issues.