New York, US

Zach Lomis

  • Partner at Palo Santo
  • Active investor focusing on psychedelic healthcare and cannabinoid biotech

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Washington University in St. Louis, Zach focused on biotech investment banking at Goldman Sachs, followed by extensive experience in media & entertainment, per his Los Angeles roots, across Sony Pictures and Tang Media Partners. 

First-hand exposure to the key pain points plaguing our healthcare ecosystem spurred Zach’s insatiable desire to dramatically innovate the way we handle mental health and addiction treatment. Motivated with the hope of facilitate the next wave of clinical therapies, Zach held a variety of roles from early-stage VC at Outbound Ventures to most recently spearheading all cannabis & psychedelic investing at Ceres Group Holdings. 

Working as an advisor, mentor, and partner to a multitude of startups, Zach has dedicated his career to forging a new frontier with the most progressive, innovative, and promising clinical research of our generation.